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Dead Aim (Eve Duncan, #4.5) 
She witnesses death through the eye of her a relentless killer is focused on her. A celebrated photojournalist, Alex Graham has recorded some of the most tragic and heartbreaking of stories, but her latest assignment has forced her across a dangerous line. At a dam collapse in Arapahoe Junction, Colorado, Alex witnesses a conspiracy that will shock a nation. For the collapse of the Arapahoe Dam was not an accident. The official story is just a cover-up for a truth so frightening, so unthinkable, anyone who threatens to reveal it must be silenced. Forever. Hr only ally is an ex-convert commando with a checkered past, a price on his head, and a deadly assassin at his heels. What happens when a reporter does more than just report? What happens when she becomes involved in the story? She ends up marked for death by an enemy who never misses, by those who've already got her centred...dead aim. 


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