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The following novels are available:
The Glass Village—1954 (neither Ellery Queen nor Inspector Queen in book)
Inspector Queen's Own Case—1956 (Inspector Queen only)
The Player on The Other Side—1963 (ghost-written with Theodore Sturgeon)
…and on the Eighth Day…—1964 (ghost-written with Avram Davidson) (Grand Prix de Littérature Policière winner)
The Fourth Side of The Triangle—1965 (ghost-written with Avram Davidson)
A Study in Terror AKA Ellery Queen vs Jack The Ripper—1966 (Movie tie-in or novelization of a movie of the same name about Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper, with Ellery Queen added as a character in the framing story. The Sherlock Holmes part was written by Paul W. Fairman with Dannay/Lee input.)
Face to Face—1967
The House of Brass—1968 (ghost-written with Avram Davidson) (A sequel to Inspector Queen's Own Case with a minimal appearance by Ellery.)
Cop Out—1969 (neither Ellery Queen nor Inspector Queen appear)