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Racing for Freedom

Best Friends. Competition. Secrets. Tragedy. Forbidden love.

Dash and Slade were best friends since high school. Their fathers both champion racers and well known enemies. Dash and Slade were to compete against each other, to become enemies, to become champions. Hiding a forbidden friendship, they found comfort in each other. Their love knew no boundaries. Until one night changed everything. Dash’s world was turned upside down and when she needed her friend to lean on, he was gone. Left alone and broken, Dash was forced to move on with her life and deal with her tragedy. Alone. 

Now he’s back and the friendship they once shared is filled with hurt and secrets. His once kind words are now taunts. His once loving eyes are now competitive. The boy she once loved, is now a man and he’s back to win. Forced to race against him once more, Dash knows it’s going to be tough. How do you race against someone you once loved so deeply? When emotions begin running high and passion reignites between them, they’ll be forced to face the past. Secrets, lies, betrayal and hurt will rise up once more and a forbidden love will form again. 

It will be a freedom race, for both of them.


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